Areas of Practice


Elder Law

Caring hand holdElder law is defined as the practice of law that focuses on serving the needs of elderly clients and individuals with special needs. While working in the estate planning area, it became apparent to Mrs. Porter that there was a need for someone to help people as their loved ones age, or to help navigate the waters for people with disabilities. Because Mrs. Porter wanted to help families prepare for that future care, she developed a practice in elder law. This is an area in which Mrs. Porter is adept in helping her clients in their time of need. Her proficiency with the Medicaid programs helps her clients make the best possible decisions for their loved one.

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In times of sorrow, families want to have someone that they can trust guiding them through the legal process. When a loved one passes away, Kristen advocates for their family by helping navigate all the legal and practical decisions required at one of the most difficult times in their lives.

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Real Estate Law

Kristen Quinney Porter  / Board Certified in Residential Real Estate

Ms. Porter’s extensive knowledge and diverse experience in real estate has numerous land developers frequently seeking her assistance in purchasing property, developing land, drafting restrictions and preparing contracts for the developers’ land sales.

In addition, Ms. Porter represents countless individual purchasers and sellers in land transactions, home owners associations and individual land owners when dealing with issues involving their property.

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Estate Planning

Having a degree in accounting, Mrs. Porter understands the complexities of estate planning and probate.  She uses this expertise in preparing wills, trusts, powers of attorneys and other similar documents.

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